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Friday, November 6, 2009

.. and so it began here

Some say that this has been a long time coming (including myself) but well being in the IT field I have to admit that I’ve been very lazy when it comes to actually setting something up and actively pursuing it.  So folks here’s my attempt to document all the places I’ve (and will be) eaten at primarily around Singapore; where I’m currently staying and of the places that I’ve visited.

Before going on I just want to put the obligatory disclaimer: “All opinions stated herein are solely of the writer, they are intended on providing a truthful and unbiased account of the writers experience.  All food was paid for by the writer, unless otherwise stated

There, with that out of the way if you’ve made it this far GOOD carry on reading.  My rating system will employ the "tape measure” and will apply to the following criteria:

Rating Food



The more tape measures, obviously the more I like..

All photos taken and posted to this blog will be with my trusty Canon IXUS 860IS and/ or my new love.. my Apple iPhone (3gs)

Trusty Camerale iPhone 

So well that’s the long and short of it.. stay tuned and happy reading.

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- Sidney -


  1. first!
    haha, good luck man. and yes it was a long time put up some secrets to ur food prep!

  2. Mate - there's no secret to food preparation.. just meticulous planning, lots of early mornings getting one's butt to the wet market. Oh yes.. ample fridge and kitchen space! :)

  3. Good Luck Sid! It's about time you started one!.. :) ...Vibin



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